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After you have completed the wishes form on the website (contact), I will contact you.

Image by Annie Spratt

We agree on a sleepover date, price and when the materials can be collected and returned.


After Payment, you pick up everything at the agreed time and the adress and the decorating can begin.

Eazy Peazy, I promise! ;-)

Have fun!


And then the FUN can really begin! THE SLEEPOVER... Have fun and enjoy this super fun experience!

Afterwards, put all materials back as you received them and return them on the agreed date and time.

Image by Annie Spratt

Please return the materials such as tables and accessories cleaned.

The bed linen, pillows, duvets and rugs can be returned used.




Less is more! ​


Invite all the children before or just after dinner. And also; Agree on a good end time with the parents for the next day and do not let children be picked up too late. Longer is not necessarily nicer.

Ouderwetse klok

Extras ​

The sleepover is a party in itself and does not need to be accompanied by a major activity. Check out the 'activities' on this website  for fun things to do.

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Planning is everything ​


Start setting up and decorating on time. This way you can welcome all guests in peace and you don't have to stress. Make a small schedule of what time you want to do what.


Bedtime! ​


Make clear agreements in advance with everyone when it is quiet and when it is time to sleep. But also what they can wake you up for, such as homesickness or a nice breakfast of course ;-)

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