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  • All materials are for indoor use only.

  • It is not permitted to use our materials in a smoking area.

  • Please keep the tents tidy. Be careful with make-up, gourmet food, GlowintheDark sticks and food.

  • Pets are not allowed on/in our materials.

  • The items or colors may differ slightly from the photo.

  • A maximum of 7 sleeping tents can be rented.



  • The booking is only final after payment of the deposit. (€50,)

  • The invoice for the full sleepover must be paid 5 days in advance.

  • If you cancel up to 5 days before the sleepover: The deposit will not be refunded. The full rental amount will be refunded.

  • In case of cancellation up to 2 days: The deposit will be refunded . The full rental amount will not be refunded.

  • Changes to a smaller number can only be made 5 days in advance. Afterwards the original amount will be charged.

  • All prices mentioned on the 'Sleepover Haarlemmermeer' website include VAT.

  • Minimum purchase is for 4 people. You can purchase for fewer people, but the starting amount is €90 per sleepover.


Pick up and take:

  • All materials can be picked up and returned in Hoofddorp.

  • Times for collection and return are agreed in advance.

  • There is ample parking in front of the door.



  • I would like to receive the materials such as tables and accessories cleaned and returned.

  • The bed linen, pillows, duvets and rugs can be returned used. This will be washed later.

  • The tents can be put back in the bags (3 round sticks, 4 slats, 6 sticks)

  • Dimensions of the air mattress are 76 x 190 cm, the tent is 100 cm wide.


Damage and Deposit:

  • A deposit of €50 will be charged for the sleepover.

  • After the materials have been collected or returned, the deposit will be refunded - after inspection - within 48 hours.

  • Is there damage to our materials or has something been lost? Please indicate this when returning the materials. The costs for repair or replacement will be deducted from the deposit.

  • 'Sleepover Haarlemmermeer' is not liable for damage caused or arising from improper or incorrect use of the materials. Any materials or services provided are used entirely at your own risk.

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