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I've got you covered ;-)

Pandy Pyjama Party

What could be more fun than

celebrating your birthday or party with your best friends?

It's something different then the standard kidsparty like karting, jumping or a visit to the cinema. 

Have you ever thought about a real Sleepover?

Eating popcorn, watching a nice movie

and chatting late into the night? ​

That sounds like superfun!


sleepover haarlemmermeer


Sit back and relax!

Having a slumber party is a lot of fun

and requires some creativity and organizational talent.

Sleepover Haarlemmermeer takes care of you completely.

This is going to be a party with guaranteed success!

Popcorn machine


Create a Sleepover oases

in the blink of an eye!

You can transform your living room

into a great sleepover oasis in no time.

Cozy sleeping tents, nice beds, soft rugs and pillows

and all in the style of your chosen theme.


With all of these extra's

you don't even have to leave the house

Make fun Glow in the Dark bracelets, color the one and only Sleepover coloring page or feel like a real detective in an exciting escape room in your own living room.

Enjoy popcorn and poffertjes and so much more!

Everything is thought of of and taken care of.

Let the fun begin!

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