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With these extras you can make your sleepover even more fun!

Would you like to enjoy popcorn, sweets or poffertjes during a cool movie?

Take crazy selfies with a delicious fresh and healthy drink in your hand and enjoy the cozy balloon decoration.


Poffertjes pan

You can make the tastiest poffertjes yourself in no time! With this device it really is a breeze. Enjoy your meal!


Contents: Poffertjes device, poffertjes mix.

Excl. milk, eggs, butter and icing sugar.

Popcorn automaat

Popcorn machine

This fun retro machine makes delicious popcorn super quickly for all the guests at your party.


Contents: 1 popcorn machine, popcorn buckets, corn.

Excl. salt or powdered sugar.


Candy cabinet

This candy-cabinet has 4 drawers with all kinds of delicious different sweets. Do you like it sour or sweet? It can all be found here. It looks nice on the table and looks inviting with all the soft colors.


Contents: a cabinet with 4 different candy drawers.

Limonade fontein

Lemonade fountain

Healthy and delicious lemonade to enjoy throughout the evening. What is your favorite flavour? Sweet strawberries with mint or a string of fresh cucumber? The flavors rotate so you always have a nice fresh drink. With the beautiful pastel-colored cups you will never forget which drink is yours.

Contents: 1 lemonade fountain and cups.


Pizzarette (6 pers)

Mama Mia Pizzaria!

What a great way to start the party! Place bowls on the table with ingredients and everyone can make their own pizza. ​


Contents: Pizzarette for 6 people.

Ballonnen set

Balloon set

With this 'airy' decoration you can turn it into a real party. Beautiful matching balloons to decorate the sleeping tents.


Relax package

In this care package you can find everything you need to relax!

Inculding a special sleepmask...

It has your name on it!

Contents: sleepmask, beautymask, socks



This sleepmask is very special!

It has your name on it!

Contents: 1 sleepmask


Nood bel


For kids sometimes it can be quite scary to attend a sleepover. This is why there is this bell especially for those in need of emergency or homesickness. Press the bell and it can be heard upstairs in the bedroom. This way, the child does not have to go to a dark bedroom, and you can also go to sleep peacefully. Good night!


Thank you Notes

After this fun party it is unfortunately time for all friends to go home. With this nice ‘thank you card’ you can thank everyone for coming.

uitnodiging Jasmijn 18mei24.png


After you have checked whether everyone can come to your sleepover, a good invitation is of course inevitable!

As a service, I will create a personal digital invitation especially for you.



A gift for the birthday girl/boy will be provided.

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