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With these extras you can make your sleepover even more fun! Want to have a nice chat and make a beautiful bracelet and then enjoy popcorn and pancakes while watching a cool movie? Or are you more of a singer or a detective? Everything is possible and everything is allowed!

Glow in the Dark armband


With these nice beads you can make a beautiful bracelet. A relaxing activity to do together while chatting. And… it glows in the dark!

Contents: 1 bag with elastic and various beads. Enough to make 2 bracelets.



Have fun partying between all the disco lights or of course get giddy while falling asleep. It's all possible with this cheerful disco light. This karaoke set is easy to connect to your phone via Bluetooth.


Contents: 1 karaoke set with 1 microphone


Movie projector 

Remove the paintings from the wall, turn off the lights and turn your room into a real big cinema! Connect this mini projector to your laptop and voilá!


Contents: 1 projector, screen, sound box incl. extension cable and HDMI connection cables.

Krimpie dimpie

Krimpie Dimpie

With Krimpie Dimpie you can turn an Elephant into a Mosquito! You blink your eyes and your drawing changes into a funny mini shape. You can decide for yourself what you want to make.


Contents: 1 A-4 sheet per person

Loan markers are included.

Sleepover spel

Sleepover cards

Fun challenges, exciting questions and things to think about together. Play this game now

(brand: Girls Only).

Contents: Play about game

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Can you crack the code? Then get ready for some detective work, brain-bending puzzles, crazy DIY assignments and a good dose of collaboration. And all this in your own home.

Contents: All necessary materials to play the game.


Coloring page

Wonderfully relaxing coloring with this super fun coloring page. Especially for Sleepover Haarlemmermeer, Plnproductions created this one and only Sleepover coloring page!

Contents: 1 Coloring page printed on nice thick paper. Beautiful loan felt-tip pens are included.

Tshirt ontwerp maken

T-shirt design

Let your creative brain go wild and make the most beautiful creations on this white Tshirt! Even nicer; did you know that you can also sleep wonderfully in it? This way you will always remember this fun sleepover.

Contents: 1 T-shirt

Beautiful loan textile markers are included.

Polaroid camera

Polaroid camera

+ 10 photos Create dazzling and tangible memories and funny selfies with this Polaroid camera.

Contents: Polaroid camera including 10 photos


Glitter Tattoos

Add a little glamour to your party with these glitter tatts!

Contents: 5 pots of glitter in diverse colours, 1 brush, 1 glue, diverse stickertemplates

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